Belitic Electronic Wallbeds

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A Belitec is a motor-driven roll-out bed system that can be installed either sideways or lengthwise. The bed rolls out from the back of a cupboard by pressing a button on your remote control. When the bed is not required anymore, the slatted base and mattress can be rolled back up into the separate compartment at the back of the cupboard. The Belitec is available in different sizes, with the only limitation being the depth of 60cm and the height of 220cm.

Comfort and health
The Belitec has a high-quality 5-zone cold foam mattress that offers relief to all those suffering from back problems. To ensure optimum comfort, it has 5 zones to adapt to individual sleeping positions. Longitudinal and cross-cut grooves in the mattress to fit natural contours of the body guarantees an excellent sleeping surface. Air Ducts increase the “breathability” of the mattress. The material is free of adhesives and of one material only. The structural design of the mattress with its durable cell structure ensures optimum restoring force and high stability together with excellent air and moisture exchange.

Benefits of a Belitec

  • Save space in any room because you free up floor space.
  • When you install a Couch Wallbed, you change a room into a multi-purpose room.
  • When installing a Couch Wallbed, you can customise the cupboards surrounding the Wallbed. E.g. storage cupboards, display cupboards, desk and more.
  • A Belitec bed is safe and easy to use daily.
  • Comfortable sleeping space.
  • Available in custom finishes, to suit your style and needs.
  • Turn your living room into a guest room in seconds.
  • It only takes 36 seconds from closed to fully open.
  • Cold foam mattresses have a high-quality quilted terry cotton fabric cover, which regulates temperatures and moisture. The mattress cover can be easily removed and washed up to 60°. As an alternative, you select the Airtex cover, which is made of 100% polyester and a coating of 100% polyurethane foam. This cove is antibacterial, flame resistant in accordance with BS 7175, washable up to 95°, breathable and urine resistant. The cover has zip fasteners on 3 or 4 slides.
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