Vertical Wallbeds

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A Vertical Wallbed has a set height of 2080mm and differs in width, according to the bed size. The Wallbed is fitted with a unique metal mechanism, imported from Germany, on each side of the bed which consists of a wooden frame. The mechanism makes it easy for you to pull down your bed with ease and can easily be operated by all ages. A Wallbed takes a standard mattress (Mattress should not be thicker than 250mm).

Benefits of a Vertical Wallbed

  • Save space in any room because you free up floor space.
  • When you install a Wallbed, you change a room into a multi-purpose room.
  • When the Wallbed is closed, it only takes up 1/3 of its real size.
  • When used in a child’s room, you give your child more room to play.
  • When installing a Wallbed, you can customise the cupboards surrounding the Wallbed. E.g. storage cupboards, display cupboards, desk and more.
  • Wallbeds are safe and easy to use daily.
  • Comfortable sleeping space.
  • Available in custom finishes, to suit your style and needs.Turn your living rroom or office into a guest room when required.

Vertical Wallbed sizes

  • A Vertical Wallbed has a set height of 2080mm.
  • A Vertical Wallbed has the following widths:
    * Single: 1056mm
    * 3/4: 1216mm
    * Double: 1512mm
    * Queen: 1666m
Please note: If a Wallbed is standing alone and sides are visible (no walls or cupboards next to it) an additional 16mm, per visible side, must be added, to above measurement, to hide screws.
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